JFREJ defends Occupy Wall Street in the New York Times!

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Read about JFREJ in the New York Times article, "Cries of Antisemitism, but Not at Zuccotti Park"

Right-wing representatives from the Republican National Committee to Rush Limbaugh have tried to discount the Occupy Wall Street movement by claiming it is antisemitic at its core. Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, working alongside Occupy Wall Street organizers and Occupy Judaism, is fighting this accusation.

Our consistent vocal and visible Jewish presence at Zuccotti Park has received tremendous support from the community of protesters. The few individuals with antisemitic signs, on the other hand, have been condemned by the community. JFREJ stands against all forms of oppression, including antisemitism. We will not let the cry of antisemitism be used against our movements.

Read more in the New York Times article, and sign onto the Facebook statement, "Anti-Semitism & Occupy Wall Street: Our Commitment"