JFREJ Member Illustrates the Occupation!

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JFREJ member Rachel Schragis's drawing of the Occupy Wall Street Movement's Declaration, The Flow Chart of the Declaration of the Occupation of NYC, has inspired people throughout the world. Within days of posting the image on Facebook, it was reposted across the internet, every place from Al Jazeera to the Art Info blog. Emails continue to pour in from around the country from people seeking copies for their homes, classrooms, offices and local occupations. It is currently on display at Printed Matter and Bluestockings Radical Book store, with more to come. In response to this outpouring of interest, OWS is sponsoring a large poster edition, available soon. More information about Rachel and the project can be found in a great interview at Truthout.org.


The Image has been selected to be included in a pamphlet version of the Declaration to be distributed at OWS events in the upcoming months. the organizers of this project are currently fundraising to print 100,000 copies. Fore more information on the printing, click here.

Yasher koach to Rachel and her support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement!