JFREJ November Membership Meeting Report

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On November 20th, JFREJ members gathered to learn about the transformative Caring Across Generations Campaign, play with the Purim Spectacle Crew, and make key decisions about the future of the Housing Justice Campaign in light of our current #Occupy movement moment.

In the first part of the meeting, Domestic Workers United member leader Marlene Champion and JFREJ Employer for Justice leader Judith Felsenfeld shared their care stories and made the case for a movement that ensures dignity for all--both care-workers and care-recipients. We learned from former JFREJ staff member Danielle Feris about the national Caring Across Generations Campaign and its bold vision to protect what we have and create what we need to transform long-term care in the U.S. The five policy elements that help address the many dimensions of the care crisis and create the support system we need are:

1. The creation of new care jobs
2. Job quality and the right to organize
3. Training and career ladders for workers
4. Path to Citizenship for workers
5. Support for Families and Individuals to afford and access care

We reflected on various intersectional and political ways that the campaign resonates with JFREJ members, then discussed the national and local organizing structure of the movement. Members left feeling prepared to organize around the Caring Across Generations Campaign locally, get involved in the JFREJ Shalom Bayit campaign, and begin to build the movement in our communities.

To learn more about the Caring Across Generations Campaign, visit http://caringacrossgenerations.org/ or contact rachel [at] jfrej [dot] org (Rachel [at] jfrej [dot] org.)

After learning and reflection, we played, danced, and fooled around with Auf Tlokhes: the Ladies Auxiliary & Pleasure Society, also known as the Purim Spectacle Crew. It's that time of year to get involved in the merriment and madness, all in fabulous preparation for our great big sparkling political Purim party. The Purim Crew will be meeting on Sunday, December 11, at 2 PM at Great Small Works, 20 Jay Street. For more information, e-mail Abigail at ostalgie [at] gmail [dot] com (ostalgie [at] gmail [dot] com.) Join us!

In the last portion of our meeting, we discussed the future of the JFREJ Housing Justice Campaign. JFREJ's role organizing with GOLES (Good Old Lower East Side) has come to a close. We are now in the position to assess whether JFREJ has the membership capacity to continue Housing Justice work in NYC, and if there is a productive and strategic role for JFREJ to play as an ally in Housing Justice organizing. Leaders from the Housing Justice Campaign proposed to the membership  that we explore partnership over the next several months with two organizations: Organizing for Occupation and Picture the Homeless. After discussion, there was consensus in the membership that Housing Justice Campaign should mobilize with these two organizations in the short-term, as we continue to figure out what it could mean to build the #Occupy movement more broadly. There will be a Housing Justice campaign meeting in January to discuss strategy, base-building, and vision.

UPDATE...SAVE THE DATE: As a result of our discussion at the member meeting, the Housing Justice Campaign will mobilize on Tuesday, December 6th, along with Picture the Homeless, Organizing for Occupation, and the 99% to take back the land, liberate communities, and occupy our homes. From 1 PM until nightfall, JFREJ will join the march to move a family into a foreclosed vacant home in a neighborhood targeted by predatory lenders. We will celebrate their housewarming with a solidarity block party! Details will be finalized in the next few days; e-mail Rachel [at] jfrej [dot] org to RSVP.