Support National Justice for Home Care Workers

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As you know, JFREJ has been working for justice for domestic workers in New York for a decade. Now, we have the chance to take that message of justice nationally. We must ensure this message is heard!

Since the enactment of the Fair Labor Standards Act, domestic workers have been denied the legal protections afforded other workers throughout the country. Today, we are seeing the beginning of the end to this legalized descrimination. On December 15th, President Obama announced that the Department of Labor is proposing new rules that would finally extend federal minimum wage and overtime protections to home care workers.  The Department of Labor is accepting comments about this proposal from now until March 12, 2012. In order for this proposal to be enacted, the Department of Labor must hear from workers, employers and others in the public, that we support these changes!  Right now, please take a moment to send a message to the Department of Labor.

JFREJ is continuing the powerful local organizing work with Domestic Workers United that we’ve been doing since 2002. The Shalom Bayit: Justice For Domestic Workers campaign has successfully built a coalition of local groups and employers dedicated to transforming the home care industry for childcare, senior care, and dis/ability care. JFREJ’s relationships, old and new, are pushing forward this transformative work. If we can extend protections for domestic workers at the national level, we can demand and win even bolder changes here in New York! Please make your comments today!