Join JFREJ at the Care Congress on June 3rd!

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RSVP here for the New York Care Congress - and be sure to sign up as a JFREJ member!

On June 3rd, join JFREJ and our partners for the New York Care Congress - a city-wide event bringing together all constituencies to move this campaign forward!

Since July, JFREJ has been engaged in on-the-ground organizing as part of the visionary Caring Across Generations Campaign--a bold new national movement to transform long-term care in the U.S. and to ensure quality care and a dignified quality of life for all of us. As part of this movement, JFREJ and Domestic Workers United have joined a growing coalition of organizations and individuals who have a stake in changing the way we care. Together, we will will be holding a New York Care Congress on June 3rd. This Congress, like others that have already taken place around the country, will be a town-hall dialogue to bring together people from across the care spectrum--domestic and homecare workers, seniors, disabled people, immigrants, workers, parents, young people, and YOU!

The New York Caring Across Generations campaign seeks to transform the care industry and the way we care for each other in New York and throughout the United States. We are building a coalition of community, worker retiree, faith-based, disability, policy and advocacy organizations committed to justice, dignity and high-quality care for both care givers and those receiving care.

Nationally, the elderly and disabled population with long-term care needs is projected to grow from 13 million in 2000 to 27 million in 2050. However, because of low wages, inadequate benefits and insufficient training there is high turnover and workforce instability. Without robust solutions, by 2050 there will be a shortage of 2 million home care jobs; jobs that make living independently in community possible for older adults and people with disabilities. Here in New York, we can anticipate a need for as many as 100,000 new direct-care jobs to meet this care gap. By creating home care jobs with fair wages, benefits and adequate training, we can increase worker retention and industry stability. With bold action we can assure healthy communities in which care jobs equal good jobs and home care is affordable, accessible and high quality.

All members of the coalition recognize, support and value the significant work of care providers both paid and unpaid; the interrelated nature of giving and receiving care; and the need to guarantee a higher quality of life for care workers and care recipients.

We stand together with groups across the U.S. calling for people-centered solutions to the looming care crisis. As part of a growing national movement, we will work to create the quality jobs we need, while protecting and expanding affordability and support for care recipients and their families. In New York, we have the unique opportunity to build upon the landmark success of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and ensure the protections workers deserve, and the care our loved ones need.

Join us on June 3rd for the New York Care Congress!

Pace University
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038

1pm: Registration and Refreshments
2pm: Program begins

RSVP here for the New York Care Congress - and be sure to sign up as a JFREJ member!