Rabbis take action to end police discrimination!

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In just a few weeks, the New York City Council will vote on two major police reform bills, banning discriminatory profiling and creating independent oversight of the NYPD. Both bills are cosponsored by at least 32 City Council Members (a majority of the City Council), but we need 34 votes to overcome a near-certain veto from Mayor Bloomberg.

These rabbis are showing up for justice! Will you?

In his time as mayor, Bloomberg has increased the number of “Stop-and-Frisks” 600%.  Stop-and-Frisk and other “broken windows” policing aggressively targets low-income communities of color, young people, homeless people, LGBT people, people with disabilities, and immigrants. We all need safe communities -- for our kids, our parents, our friends, and our loved ones. But violating people’s fundamental civil rights will not make us safer.

Take action now for a better NYPD and a safer New York. Call or email your city council person now and ask them to stand behind these bills. Click on this story for more information on what YOU can do!