Override Bloomberg's Veto!

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Mayor Bloomberg has vetoed the Community Safety Act bills - two bills that will ban discrimination and create independent oversight of the NYPD. We need these bills to curb the NYPD's stop-and-frisk practices and end invasive surveillance of Muslim communities.

The City Council passed both bills with a veto-proof majority in June, but Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Commisioner Ray Kelly have been fighting with all their political might to get City Council members to change their minds for the override vote. If just one City Council member changes their vote, we will not pass the bill against discriminatory policing in NYC.

The City Council has 30 days to override Blooomberg's veto - and we must ensure they do it!  Click here for easy steps to call or email your City Council member urging them to stay strong in their support for the Community Safety Act!

When you're done - please share this with your networks and ask them to contact their representatives too! This is the final push - we need your help to bring real accountability to the NYPD!