Know Your Responsibilities!

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We recently all saw the tragic killing of Eric Garner by the NYPD. The only reason Eric Garner is a name we know is because of the phone video of his unjust and unnecessary death. The Campaign for Police Accountability has produced a flyer to help us understand our rights, tactics and responsibilities when we witness an arrest or police action. If there were ever any doubt about the importance of cop-watching or developing a culture of cop-watching, these events demonstrate in stark terms why we need to turn our eyes and cameras on these situations. Please download the flyer, and get involved in the campaign.

If you have questions, or to get involved in the Campaign for Police Accountability, email campaign chairs emfole [at] gmail [dot] com (AJ) (emfole -at- gmail) or claude [dot] heffron [at] gmail [dot] com (Claude) (claude.heffron -at- gmail).