JFREJ has been fighting ICE for as long as the agency has existed. In 2019, we organized to create a national intergenerational movement of #JewsAgainstICE, supporting many of our members to launch a new organization, Never Again Action.

Now we are taking on ICE in bigger and bolder ways than ever before. As ICE continues to terrorize immigrants in our communities on a daily basis, we are going after them because we’ve seen this before and we won’t let it happen again. And we can’t do it without you.

Are you in?

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday, December 12th 7-8:30 PM. JFREJ Online Membership Assembly. We will learn about the #NoTech4ICE strategy. Register here.
  • Sunday, December 15th 10AM to 1 PM #NoNewCops Churro Brunch Meeting. Here in New York, immigrant street vendors are being harassed by cops on the subway at an alarming rate. Join us on Sunday to plan for how to get cops out of the subway and build a city where all of us are free to thrive. Register here.
  • Tuesday, January 14th 6-9 PM Freedom to Thrive Meeting. Join us to build community safety without relying on police at our Freedom to Thrive Meeting. We will discuss our work to #DisarmICE, respond to raids and deportations, build community safety plans in synagogues and Jewish institutions, and fight for police accountability. Register here.

In June, JFREJ helped to hold down the very first Never Again Action shut-down of an ICE immigrant prison in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We coached and supported other actions around the country as the movement caught fire. Here in New York, for Tisha B’Av, we held down the largest action of the summer, and likely the largest action ever to take place against Amazon. Joined by our partners Mijente and Make the Road New York, more than 1,000 members of our extended community descended on Amazon’s Midtown Manhattan bookstore to demand that Amazon Web Services cancel its contracts with Palantir and ICE. ICE uses Amazon and Palantir’s database technology to target immigrants for raids and deportation. Members led a two-hour service in the middle of the Amazon store, reading from Lamentations and sharing the testimonies of immigrants detained in Trump’s concentration camps. Forty-four of us were arrested in protest, including a minyan of 11 rabbis. This action also spurred Never Again Action to join the broader campaign against Amazon and draw connections between IBM’s support of Nazis with tech companies’ support of ICE.

JFREJ will continue to be the hub for Never Again Action in New York. Become a member today and join the movement.