There are hundreds of concentration camps in our own backyards—10 in the New York area—where thousands of children, parents, siblings, and friends are caged for their immigration status alone.

Some of our immigrant neighbors are eligible for freedom but remain caged because they cannot afford to pay ICE’s demand for ransom—immigration bond—which can be as high as $25,000, or more.

As Jews, we cannot stand by and watch:

We must ask ourselves: What is our stake in this? How would all our lives be different if we dismantled this system? Never again is now.

This year, thousands of immigrants, mostly Black & brown people, are in cages. Next year, may we all be free.

While we prepare to celebrate Passover and recall our journey from slavery to freedom, we must do everything we can to free our neighbors.

That’s why Jews and our allies are raising money to secure the freedom of as many of our immigrant neighbors as possible.

Because no one is free until everyone is free.

Support our Let My People Go campaign today with a donation to our partners at the New York Immigrant Freedom Fund. Help us raise $180,000 before the end of Passover and help reunite our neighbors with their families and communities. Thank you for joining us.

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