In the past eighteen months, hundreds of thousands of Jews have come together across the nation to march, to resist white nationalism, to demand safety for Muslims and freedom for immigrants.

Join us: Rise up and Be Counted as a Jew for Racial & Economic Justice.

Rise Up & Be Counted is JFREJ’s summer membership campaign, with a goal of recruiting 18 new/renewed members each day in August. It’s simple: Our power to fight and to put pressure on institutions and elected officials is directly linked to the size of our community. Our members are what make JFREJ strong and our movements successful. In order to resist, we need to build more people power, and we need all of our participation to build it!

Here’s How You Can Participate in the Rise Up & Be Counted! Membership Campaign:

1. Join JFREJ

If you aren’t already a dues-paying member of JFREJ, your first step to Rise Up & Be Counted! is to become one. Membership dues are $36+ per year, or $5 a month. We ask that you give as generously as you can. Membership dues fund Jewish participation and solidarity in the fights against racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, bigotry, and economic injustice.


2. Make membership recruitment calls from the comfort of your own home

Help us reach out to people nationwide and invite them to Rise Up & Be Counted as part of the Jewish Resistance fighting for ourselves and our neighbors, and for a future where no one—in any community—has to live in fear. To sign up to make calls, email

Email Sara

3. Reach Out To Your Friends & Family

Jews are only 2% of the population, but we have the power to create change. That change starts with each of us. Invite every member of your community to make a decisive act of conscience, to stand on the right side of history, and to join JFREJ in grounding their commitment to justice in Jewish values and spirit. Help the people you care about find a political home in this deeply troubled moment and help JFREJ build the power we need to shape a future where no one lives in fear.

Outreach Guide