Create a campaign page online

In just a couple of minutes, you can set up a personal page that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can personalize it with your own photo and tell people in your own words why joining JFREJ is such a powerful act. Be loud and proud about your dedication to justice!

Sample Emails and Scripts

Email, call, or text (or all three!) the people you want to invite to join JFREJ. Don’t be shy — most people need a few reminders and nudging to get it done. But they will be grateful for the encouragement and moved by your commitment. 

Social Media Support

We’ve made it easy to share your love for JFREJ on any social media platform! Download our sample tweets and posts to share to encourage people to join.

Tips for Fundraising

Asking people to become dues-paying members of JFREJ means asking people to donate money. And asking for money can be awkward or stressful. Don’t let those feelings make you procrastinate and avoid this vitally important act of power-building and political resistance — check out our handy guide: “Tips For Fundraising.”